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WASHINGTON, DC— TSA Training Deadline has been extended to July 15th

The long awaited TSA release of minimum standard for security training of U.S. air cargo truckers occurred on Friday, June 1st. ACI in conjunction with GISTnet has created fully automated on line version of this training which will enable ACI Motor Carriers (MC) members and other qualified truckers to accomplish required driver and staff training before the new TSA’s deadline of July 15th 2007. You can request this training via the ACI Learning Portal at

Important: Before your personnel can be assigned this training, a TSA-approved IAC (air forwarder) must authorize and direct GISTnet to make this training to your particular company. Therefore, your first step is to contact a forwarder for whom you perform air cargo ground transportation to be your authorizing IAC (your “sponsor” for TSA regulatory purposes). This IAC must complete an agent training authorization letter and fax or email it to GISTnet in order to accomplish this. The language for this letter IAC Representative Training Authorizationis will be available via link from our Learning Portal page under the training course for truckers (

Here is more information about this training:

Cost: $15 per person trained. Companies that have 10 or more drivers/staff to train are eligible for volume discounts (see

What’s included: Our training fee includes automated training and assessment, a paper training completion certificate that companies and individuals who have completed the training can print out, and use of GIST ware system for automated training and assessment reports, including forward-looking reports and email reminders when the due date for annual refresher training is approaching. The convenient record-keeping and recurrent training reminders are themselves well worth the fee, not to mention the immediate access and sharing of training records between truckers and IACs they perform work for.

Of interest to Motor Carriers: An MC will be able to authorize any IAC direct access to its driver training records! Neither the MC nor IAC need to be a subscriber to GISTnet for this functionality. There will be a modest set-up and annual support fee for this service to the MC to cover the cost of vetting the IAC’s IACSSP status, having the MC authorize such access, and showing representatives of non-subscriber IAC companies how to query the system (e.g., check driver training status when ordering a pick-up, or run a report on overall MC training status).

Time to complete training: Approximately 1-2 hours for a driver to complete, making it quite feasible to meet the July 15th training deadline if training is promptly assigned.

Set-up/administration: GISTnet will work with your designated person to set-up necessary company records and learn how to perform administrative tasks. This set-up and training will take about an hour via a web meeting. There must be a user record for each person to be trained, which will take each person to be trained about 2 minutes to create using web forms. We also have a streamlined way of registering larger groups of people based on a spreadsheet showing each person’s first name, last name, company affiliation, authorizing IAC, STA status, and email address. Please contact us for more information on this process.

Start the training proceeds today:


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