Originally printed in 1941 for use by the Airlines, the Air Freight Directory is an indispensable tool for Air Freight, Air Cargo and Freight Forwarders alike. ACI is committed to building upon and expanding the former success of the Air Freight Directory by providing information, service and value around the world.

  • ACI is the market leading Air Freight Directory you can’t afford to be without!

    Our Air Freight Directory is the most used tool by Freight Forwarders and Airlines in North America with over 3700 current subscribers. Just what you’d expect from the industry’s leading guide, so make sure you are not missing out…

  • More business intelligence – gain your competitive edge

    The Air Freight Directory has grown to double its size with more airports and over 1600 new zip codes added. Other business tools were added, like a chart table for Line Haul services between more than 100 Airports in USA and Canada. In addition to our certified Air Freight Cartage Agents, we have listed custom brokers, couriers and line haulers to ensure you find service providers who best suit your needs.

  • Web tools: www.aircargoinc.com

    ACI now offers our data in a completely searchable format on the web. On our website we display nearest airports to points, driving mileage from point to airport and links to all of our carriers. With over 100,000 standard postal zip codes in the US and Canada to search from, you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

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Air Cargo Inc

Air Cargo Inc offers a suite of products for the freight transportation industry. We supply freight forwarders (IACs) information regarding Carriers. Use our online AutoRouter tool to instantly route freight door to door.  The NEW ACI Compliance Gateway online includes Carrier points of service, carrier rates and driver STA information.

For support, please contact sales toll free at 866-577-8369 (USA) or 650-952-9050.

Compliance Gateway

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